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6 INCREDIBLE Houseboats - Homes on Water

Hi, in this video we will be taking a look at 6 incredible houseboats that might just make you consider making your next home a home on the water!

When it comes to living an adventurous lifestyle, there are plenty of advantages to owning a houseboat. You can wake up to stunning views each morning and set off in search of new ones whenever you fancy! It also means you never have to put up with annoying neighbors for too long!

Modern houseboats offer a surprising amount of luxury and comfort and the entries on this list will blow you away! Hope you like it!

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➤ Crossover Houseboat ☛

➤ Boat A Home ☛

➤ Bluefield Houseboats ☛

➤ Dreamscape Houseboat ☛


➤ Hart Yachting Houseboat ☛

➤ Mothership Houseboat ☛

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A Dream Life On The Water In An Amazing House Boat

So many of us aspire to own a home close to the water, and it doesn’t get any closer than this! Inspired by the incredible float homes of British Columbia, this house boat in Auckland, New Zealand is sure to impress.

Perfectly fitting into a 12 meter marina berth, this floating home (affectionally named Blue Turtle) is wonderfully designed to be open, spacious and fully featured despite its compact size. The home has two bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and enjoys a wonderful open plan kitchen, dining and living space upstairs, all with wrap around decks for amazing indoor / outdoor living.

Located so close to Auckland City, this house boat has panoramic views across the marina and over towards the city beyond. For Olivia and Ryan, it’s a home which enables them to live a dream lifestyle, close to town and yet in a place where they can feel as though they are on permanent holiday.

Enjoy the tour of this wonderful home on the water.

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Gaelic Storm - The Boathouse - Full Album

01 - Yarmouth Town
02 - Girls of Dublin Town - 4:35
03 - Liverpool Judies - 7:35
04 - My Son John - 11:19
05 - 05 - Down to Old Maui - 14:50
06 - Mingulay Boat Song - 19:25
07 - Cape Cod Girls - 24:25
08 - Weary Whaling Grounds - 27:51
09 - Essequibo River - 31:00
10 - Watery Grave - 34:51
11 - Whiskey Johnny - 39:06
12 - William Hollander - 41:46

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